Overshare Party is a dirty webcomic that updated weekly until Ingrid’s hands got too sick. Right now she’s working on bringing it to a conclusion and printing a book. It is a semi-autobiographical alternate reality story which focuses on real life sex, dirty dream sequences, and talking cats, which are sometimes sexy. It is made by Ingrid Mouth of insideingridmouth.com.


Why all the sex?

I don’t see sex as a frivolous or particularly shocking subject. It’s a fact of life. It’s how our species survives. It preoccupies us and drives many of our interactions. It’s as valid a subject as any to tell stories about. Plus I really like drawing boobs.

Why make it autobiographical?

It works well when writers use material they’ve had first hand experience with. The sex is based on real sex, the dream sequences are based on real dreams, and the cats are inspired by actual cats.

Is everyone okay with this?

I got permission from partners before writing about them, and I disguise their appearances. I draw the cats without their consent, but they haven’t complained.